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An accurate, self-loading .22 LR rifle, such as this Volquartsen, is our gun of choice for speed shooting with rimfire reactive targets.
Reactive targets offer “instant gratification” — with every hit your target moves, spins, or falls. Shooting reactive targets with a rimfire rifle is fun AND affordable. Times are a-changin’ — rimfire ammo prices have dropped dramatically, so you can now get very decent rimfire ammunition for under four bucks a box, such as Norma Tac-22 or Aguila Super Extra. Currently priced at $3.49 for 50 rounds, the Aguila is just seven cents a round! At that price, you can afford to shoot every weekend.
Rimfire Know Your Limits Target Rack
Challenge Targets offers the popular Know Your Limits (KYL) rimfire target. This KYL target has become popular for NRL22 and PRS Rimfire shooters. Start on the left by engaging the 2″ round target and work your way to the right. Each shot gets progressively harder as the target sizes decrease. With each solid hit, the target plate will spin giving providing hit confirmation. The target rack easily breaks down for transport in a couple minutes.

Make Your Own Shooting Gallery with Reactive Rimfire Targets
For .22 LR fans, the folks at Action Target

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