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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Trulock Dove Chock Tubes
Trulock Dove Chock Tubes

Trulock ChokesUSA -( Doves are famous for being one of the toughest game birds to hit in flight. Doves aren’t physically tough, but their speedy, and the fact that they can appear out of any direction has long kept the makers of #8 and #7 1/2 shot shells in business.

As boxes of empties pile up quickly, most hunters find themselves wishing there was something to improve their results.

Thanks to Trulock Choke Tubes, the long-time industry leader in high quality choke tubes, you can take action now, before the season starts.

Trulock is proud to introduce two new choke tubes they have developed specifically for the demands and conditions of dove hunting.

Trulock designs, builds and tests all their choke tubes at their facility in Whigham, Georgia, using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing. That process has allowed them to develop these new dove chokes with special exit diameters that produce dense, hard-hitting patterns in all 12-gauge loads suitable for dove hunting.

Trulock’s engineers are dove hunters themselves, so these chokes tubes have several features that make them practical and versatile in the field under a wide range of conditions.

The new dove chokes are offered in two constrictions: …Read the Rest

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