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By Tactical-Life

Hatch has been focused on creating the best tactical gear possible for law enforcement and military personnel.

The company recently announced that it has released its S7 Sling Pack featuring three key design elements to create efficiencies in the field.

Hatch’s new quick-action bag—designed to carry an officer’s essentials in a less bulky, easier-to-access, and more streamlined way—features a C-clip which attaches to the belt to reduce bouncing, a top flap that opens outward and away from the body, and a contrasting interior color.

The S7 Sling Pack allows the officer to carry extra magazines, a trauma kit, spare radio battery and a back-up firearm. Rather than a general-purpose bag, this action bag, constructed of heavy-duty 1000-denier Cordura nylon, features three key innovations:

  • The C-clip allows the user to run without worrying about the pack bouncing. The C-clip can also easily be removed so the user can swing it around to the front for easy access when rendering medical help.
  • The top flap of the pouch opens outward away from the body so it doesn’t fall in the way when an officer needs to access something quickly.
  • The interior color is also designed to contrast with the …read more

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