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In our Shooters’ Forum there is a popular photography thread. Along with some great nature and hunting images, you’ll find quality photos of handsome firearms. But the real head-turning gun pix were the pistols belonging to Forum member Beiruty from Texas. He has some of the most handsome mag-fed handguns we’ve ever seen. Here are six of his favorite semi-auto pistols from his collection. Yes he does have some impressive wheelguns as well, but we’re saving those revolvers for a future showcase.
FN Browning High Power Renaissance
This 9mm hand-engraved High Power with silver finish was made in Belgium in 1971:

NOTE: This is one of a near-matching pair of FN HP Renaissance pistols featured in the top photo.
Hämmerli .22 LR Model 208, Special Edition
This Special Edition, one of 500, marks 125 years of Hämmerli Sportwaffenfabrik (1863-1988):

The handsome grip is factory carved. This Model 208 pistol shipped in a fitted case, shown below.

Colt .45 ACP 1911 Commander
This 1975-vintage Colt Commander 1911 sports fully-engraved frame and slide:

Smith & Wesson .22 LR Model 41 Long Barrel
This target pistol features a 7-3/8″ barrel with factory compensator. Grip is custom:

Browning .22 LR Medalist Pistol
This handsome Browning Medalist, all factory standard, was made in Belgium in 1964:

The video

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