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By Beth Baumann


Lately, I’ve come to notice a common – and rather annoying – trend that takes place in the gun industry. It’s something that should be addressed and not put by the wayside any longer.

Guys, we love you. We respect you. We value your opinions. And we trust your experiences. But please, for the love of God, will you let us choose what guns we want to own and shoot? Will you take a step back and let us have a say in what’s right for us?

The other day I was at a store, browsing the gun store counter, trying to get an idea of what was in stock. I look to my right and see a couple, probably in their 50s, looking in the gun case. I overheard the husband talking to the man behind-the-counter about a Ruger LCP.

“I just want something I can put in my pocket,” the husband said. “My 9MM is too heavy to carry.”

I rolled my eyes and watched as he attempted to fit the small gun in his hand. Way. Too. Small.

“That’s pretty nice,” he said and handed it to his wife.

His wife picked up the gun and put it in his hands. She shuffled …Read the Rest

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