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By Tom Knighton

Regardless of how you feel about the phenomenon of “Pride Month,” it’s a thing. It’s so much of a thing that the media is looking for reasons to report on the LGBT community at almost every opportunity. Couple this with all the attention on the Second Amendment and guns in general, along with the proximity to the anniversary of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, and you know someone is going to try to link they two.

And they did.

“I DON’T want to get beaten to death, stabbed and burnt alive,” a slight woman with long blond hair and a checked shirt says. “I want a gun to feel equal.”

She is a member of one of the United States’ fastest growing gun clubs, the jauntily named Pink Pistols.

Two years after the massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, gay, lesbian and transgender Americans are nervous. According to the Human Rights Centre (HRC), a US LGBTI advocacy group, 52 gay people were murdered in the US last year, because of their sexuality, and 28 transgender people met the same fate.

In increasing numbers, they are fighting back by taking up arms.

It’s brought them into lock-step with pro-gun groups that haven’t, historically, been all …Read the Rest

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