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By Robert Farago

A previous post talked about stance, suggesting that new shooters consider the pros and cons of the bladed or Weaver Stance and the isosceles or triangular stance before choosing one or the other. Just a quick reminder: the isosceles stance is not a bad (i.e. inherently unstable) stance (remembering that ANY stance is acceptable in a gunfight, where you might have to shoot from an awkward position). In the demo above, the instructor knocks TheRykerDane off-balance when he adopts the isosceles stance. That doesn’t have to be the case . . .

If you bend your knees and put your weight forward (sticking your butt out) you’re just as stable if not more stable than you would be in a Weaver stance. The big advantage of an isosceles stance: it’s easier, more intuitive to line-up your shot. Think of it is a “tank” stance. Your arms form a turret that you can aim at the target, which you can direct in any direction quickly and easily. The isosceles also allows you greater flexibility for moving left or right, and more support for the gun. Your mileage may vary, but you should try both stances …Read the Rest

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