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By Dean Weingarten

Long guns offer a lot of advantages over handguns as defensive arms. They are easier to aim and more accurate over longer distances. They “tame” the recoil of higher caliber rounds and offer increased value as a deterrent. But they have disadvantages. It’s easier to take a long gun from a person than it is to take a handgun. That said, incidents in which armed defenders are disarmed are rare. Cases where a disarmed defender is shot with their own gun, rarer still. Still, it happened in Arizona. From . . .

APACHE JUNCTION — Pinal County authorities say an Apache Junction-area man was shot and wounded with his own gun after he went to investigate noises in his backyard and was disarmed during a scuffle with an intruder.

The Sheriff’s Office says the 31-year-old man is expected to survive the thigh wound he suffered early Thursday morning.

It’s difficult to take a handgun from someone without being shot, especially a small handgun. There isn’t much to grab, and the handgun can be kept close to the body. The owner’s other hand can fend off the attempt to disarm while the weapon hand is used to shoot the attacker.

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