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By Robert Farago

I recently wrote a post putting the importance of firearms reliability into its proper perspective, below more pressing concerns (e.g., situational awareness and “getting off the X”). I’d like to generalize that point for people new to guns: don’t get to thinking that your life defends on having the right or “best” equipment. The benefits of the owning the ideal self-defense firearm and related gear – a concept subject to endless debate – are minuscule when compared to the benefits of . . .

maintaining a proper mindset.

A great many gun gurus have written a great many words about the mental attitude required to defeat someone trying to hurt or kill you. Basically, it all boils down to this: whatever it takes. You have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to survive – using whatever weapon you have, or no weapon at all (if you don’t have one or it doesn’t work). The will to win is it. The thing. The most important factor for defeating a potentially deadly attacker.

Let’s say someone is trying to kill you and you didn’t take Reid Henrichs’ advice and put “backup” iron sights on your red …Read the Rest

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