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By Robert Farago

Veronica Lewis (courtesy (1)

“A woman brought a hammer to a firearms lesson and then tried to kill her instructor by shooting him in the face with a revolver,” the AP reports from her trial. “Lewis fired three shots at [Darryl] Montague, striking him twice in the jaw and once in the abdomen, Chittenden County State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan said. [Veronica Lewis, above] fled, and she gave a false phone number when she was apprehended, he said. Lewis lives in a community therapeutic residence, a state-regulated home that provides short-term treatment to people with problems such as alcoholism, drug abuse or mental illness.” There’s an important lesson here . . .

Beginning shooters are often evangelical about their newfound gun rights and gun skills. They have a strong tendency to invite newbies to the range, to introduce them to guns and share their love of firearms. To repeat their own conversion experience.

On the face of it, in general, that’s a good thing. The more people who are familiar, comfortable and positive about shooting guns, the safer our gun rights become. Culture eats strategy for lunch; firearms freedom must win the culture war and legislative battles. Yes but – here be dragons.

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