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By Doug E

Last year at TriggerCon, VKTR Industries introduced their new piston-driven VK1 AR-15 in rifle and pistol configurations. At this year’s GunCon 2024 at Brownells, they introduced their brand new VKTR Industries DI Bolt Carrier Group for Direct-Impingement AR-15 rifles and pistols. This new DI BCG features the same precision cam geometry as the VK-1 piston rifle’s BCG, the goal of which is to have a smoother operation and less contact inside the receiver during lockup and unlock of the bolt.NEW VKTR INDUSTRIES DI BOLT CARRIER GROUPVKTR’s new DI BCG will be available as a complete, drop-in component for standard direct-impingement AR-15 pattern rifles and pistols. VKTR Industries describes their precision cam as having been designed to eliminate contact between the cam pin and the inside of the upper receiver by using a long-advance cam path. VKTR Industries’ explanation and features can be seen below.

Image credit: VKTR Industries

Precision-machined, complete direct-impingement Bolt Carrier Group with a patented long-advance

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