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By Richard Johnson

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<div data-cycle-hash="lar8x1-gwjj15-police" data-cycle-desc="The LAR-8 X-1 is a great choice for LEOs needing the 7.62mm's range and power. " data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="lar8x1-gwjj15" data-cycle-desc="Ambidextrous bolt and magazine releases ensure that both right- and left-handed shooters are able to run the rifle without having to alter their grips." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="lar8x1-gwjj15-angle" data-cycle-desc="The cryogenically treated, fluted, 18-inch barrel on the author's test rifle came equipped with RRA's Beast muzzle brake." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="lar8x1-gwjj15-forend" data-cycle-desc="The free-floating handguard has several lightening cuts that reduce weight and help dissipate barrel heat." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="lar8x1-gwjj15-side" data-cycle-desc="The RRA LAR-8 X-1 uses an inch-pattern FAL-type magazine, and it should work with other inch-pattern FAL magazines." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="lar8x1-gwjj15-rail" data-cycle-desc="The long Picatinny top rail offers plenty of space for sights and optics, including the Burris 4-20x50mm XTR II (shown)." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="lar8x1-gwjj15-target" data-cycle-desc="Even with unpredictable crosswinds, the LAR-8 X-1 rifle turned in respectable five-shot groups at 100 yards." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="lar8x1-gwjj15-lead" data-cycle-desc="The LAR-8 X-1 is a great choice for LEOs needing the 7.62mm's range and …read more

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