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By Dave Bahde

LWRC International Right

LWRC International Left

I’ve been a gun writer for several years now, which has some advantages. One of the biggest is getting to see how various weapons systems evolve over time. Many designs come and go, but others stick around for years. The best remain largely unchanged outside of some cosmetic enhancements, or the materials or production methods will change. But occasionally you get a company that will go the extra mile to vastly improve one of its products. One of the best examples of this dedication to improvement is the LWRC International REPR (Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle) MKII in .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO.

LWRCI SIX8-A5 Razorback II Rifle lead


Gun Review: The LWRCI SIX8-A5 Razorback II Rifle

LWRC International REPR

LWRC International developed a proprietary short-stroke gas piston operating system that is recognized worldwide as being one of the most robust and reliable on the market. Dedicated to professionals for years, LWRCI’s 5.56mm NATO and 6.8 SPC rifles have withstood the harshest conditions, offering excellent accuracy and …Read the Rest

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