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“Since the beginning of the Biden administration, the number of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) has gone down by [over] 1,600.” — America’s 1st Freedom
The Biden Administration, acting through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is aggressively working to shut down gun stores and FFL businesses throughout the country. According to the NRA America’s 1st Freedom site, some 1619 FFLs have gone out of business since 2020 when Joe Biden took office. That is a major change, reflecting extremely hostile and aggressive policies now being pushed by the anti-gun Biden administration.
“The Biden administration said that they would use the ATF as a bludgeon against the industry, and that’s in fact what they are trying to do. They are turning the agency that is charged with regulating the firearm industry — the manufacturers, the distributors, the retailers — and using the levers of that regulatory agency as a means to shut down and deny people their Second Amendment rights.” – Mark Oliva, NSSF Director for Public Affairs
We recommend our readers consult a recent, detailed article on that explains the ATF’s aggressive campaigns against gun dealers and small-business FFLs. That article explains how the aggressive Biden policies have resulted

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