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By Guns ‘n’ Freedom

january gun sales break another record

January of 2016 set a record for more gun sales than any other January since the background check system was created.

FBI records detailed 2,545,802 background checks in January alone, which beat the previous record in January of 2013 by at least 50,000.

Not only does the number of background checks represent the 9th month in a row that has set a record in gun sales, but it’s also the 3rd month in a row with at least 2 million background checks.

In other words, Americans are buying more guns than ever before.

And this number does not include every single gun sale, since some private sales would not utilize the National Instant Background Check System. But it is the clearest and most effective way to look at gun sales.

This trend is unilateral across the country. According to,

The Second Amendment Foundation said the continued spike in gun sales was in line with other indicators from around the country.

“The Boston Globe reported last week that tens of thousands of new gun licenses were issued in Massachusetts last year,” Alan Gottlieb, the group’s founder, said in a statement. “In New Jersey, with tough gun laws, applications for gun purchases …Read the Rest

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