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By Chris Eger

The clock is ticking to register firearms newly classified as “assault weapons” in California.
A group of individuals and Second Amendment groups has filed suit against the state’s pending new regulations on “bullet-buttons” and assault weapons.
In a complaint filed in a Riverside County state Superior Court, four gun owners– George Holt, Irvin Hoff, Michael Louie, and Rick Russel– contend many the firearms they have legally owned or built are now subject to new retroactive mandates from an out-of-control California Department of Justice that is flexible with the enforcement of new laws passed last year.
“By making and enforcing unlawful rules, and going around the rules to do it, the DOJ is putting tens if not hundreds of thousands of law-abiding people at risk of serious criminal liability,” said the plaintiffs’ attorney, George M. Lee, in a statement. “This case seeks to make the DOJ follow the same laws they impose on others and protect law-abiding gun owners in the process.”
Named as defendants are California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and other state officials while four gun rights groups– the Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, The Calguns Foundation, and Second Amendment Foundation– are signed on as co-plaintiffs.
In the 55-page complaint, the gun advocates


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