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By Tom Knighton

The world is changing, at least in people’s heads if nothing else. Right now, 3D-printed guns aren’t a threat. There are already too many guns on the black market and available for purchase by criminals and other nefarious folks. However, they do represent a massive step forward in the war on gun control.

Primarily, it makes gun control impossible. This is a good thing for all pro-gun folks. After all, once (if?) anti-gunners realize it’s a lost cause, they’ll stop trying to infringe on our rights.

But not everyone is on board, and for some ostensibly pro-gun candidates, not being onboard may be costly.

A gun-rights group in Connecticut has pulled its endorsement for a Republican candidate after she spoke out against 3D-printed guns.

Susan Hatfield (R) was previously endorsed by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) in her primary race for attorney general, Fox 61 News reported Sunday.

The CCDL, however, withdrew its endorsement on Thursday after Hatfield condemned 3D-printed firearms.

“While we still feel she would make a far better Attorney General than any of the other candidates in the race, we simply cannot endorse the recent comments she’s made,” the gun rights group said in a …Read the Rest

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