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By Jacki Billings

In a world of skinny jeans and tight t-shirts, sometimes the only option for concealment is a slim style, single stack. Not ever gun owner, though, wants to relegate themselves to .22 or .380 to achieve flawless concealed carry – enter the 9mm.
Notable for their low-profile and lightweight designs, the following single stack, striker fired handguns top our list as some of the best in the biz.
The Smith & Wesson Shield is a bare bones pistol but packs enough features to make it well worth its value-driven price tag. (Photo: Smith & Wesson)
1. Smith & Wesson Shield
The Shield has cemented itself as one of Smith & Wesson’s most popular subcompact models for a reason. It’s slim, lightweight and ergonomic build pair with the 9mm round to deliver a quality, reliable slim stack with some sass. Featuring a 3.1-inch barrel on an overall length of 6.1-inches, the polymer gun tips scales at just over 20-ounces.
In its stock configuration, the Shield comes equipped with standard white dot sights, slide stop/release, mag release and optional manual safety. Shipping with two magazines, the 9mm Shield packs either a 7+1 or 8+1 round capacity.
The most affordable gun on this list at $449, the Shield expertly


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