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By Jon Wayne Taylor


STI is under new management. A gentleman from Taos, New Mexico took a shine to the Texas gunmaker and added it to his portfolio. Smart move. (They’ve got an average eight-month backorder for their firearms.) As regular readers will know, STI makes top quality guns for the top end of the market, designed and hand-finished for both carry and competition. The STI HEX Tactical SS single stack is one their newest models, blending 1911 functionality and concealability with 9mm capacity and reduced recoil. Best of all worlds? . . .


The HEX Tac is a four-inch firearm with a heavy bull barrel, requiring no tools to disassemble or reassemble. More to the point, the bull barrel puts some weight in the front. Combined with the steel frame and the 9mm caliber, the HEX Tac’s barrel helps reduce muzzle rise. The result: a gun with a shorter sight radius that not only carries well, but returns to target with life-saving alacrity. More on that later . . .

The HEX Tac’s extended magazine well is wider than normal — …Read the Rest

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