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By Terril James Herbert

The 22 LR cartridge has been around for a long time and any gun maker worth its salt has at least one pistol chambered in this little round. There is a 22 pistol for everyone whether you want a pocket pistol for personal protection or a heavy, match grade handgun. Somewhere in the middle of these two broad categories are the “kit” guns.
Kit guns are those 22 caliber pistols, usually revolvers, that are handier than a pocket pistol but don’t weigh on the belt like a target gun would. These are the guns that go in the tackle box or the boat for emergencies. These are the guns that reside on the hip of the hunter and hiker to ward off the curious coyote or procure small game for the pot.
When the Ruger LCRx debuted with a 3-inch barrel in 2015, some thought it a great kit gun in 38 Special, but the rest of us were waiting for a 22 LR version. Now that wait is over.
A “traditional” LCR?
On the outside, the LCRx’s outline resembles a traditional revolver of an optimal service/carry size. The pistol has a polymer grip frame surrounded by a rubber Hogue Tamer Grip and an


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