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By Ben Brown

I’ll be honest with you. I have had the opportunity to shoot the Kriss Sphinx on multiple occasions over the last six years. It’s an outstanding handgun. The newest 9mm compact version I recently had the chance to handle continued to exceed my level of expectations. You will not hear from me that the Sphinx’s $1,000 price point is not justified or that it is just a glorified CZ. Compared to other “production handguns,” the Sphinx has pound for pound some of the best craftsmanship available.
Kriss Sphinx
The construction of the Kriss Sphinx has a level of excellence that you may find in a custom shop, but most likely not out of any other factory. Both the slide and upper portion of the frame are precision machined from a solid piece of billet material. As if that was not good enough, Kriss decided to finish off the slide and frame by hand fitting them together. This ensures tight tolerances and strength between the frame and slide.
From a distance the Sphinx looks like a double/single action hammer fired CZ of some type. Let us take a closer look how it operates. The rails of the slide ride inside


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