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By Terril James Herbert

KAB Arms’ Entry Level Rifle in 5.56 NATO — a no frills affair for between $500-600. (Photo: Terril Herbert)
I admit to being a person of changing tastes. As a teen, I was interested in traditional muzzleloaders and hunting rifles followed by percussion revolvers, double action revolvers, and semi-automatic pistols. These days I am working my way through my new interest, the AR-15, a style of rifle that really should be impossible to ignore.
Made in huge numbers by manufacturers and in homes from parts kits, the AR-15 is America’s rifle — I can’t imagine you can find a gun store in this country without a few of these rifles on the racks. The platform is quite customizable and a good number for fun, hunting, and defense. An almost perfect all-around rifle? I know that many agree.
Though it took me a while to ease onto the AR wagon, I recently decided to put one through its paces. The gun I reached for is the Entry Level Rifle made by KAB Arms, a manufacturer that is local to me in Houston but with a nationwide grasp.
The goal of the KAB Entry Level Rifle is to be a budget level AR15: everything you need


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