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By Kristin Alberts

When old and new, nostalgic and modern collide, the result is Henry’s new-for-2017 Frontier Model Threaded Barrel Suppressor Ready rifle in 22LR or WMR.  While screwing a can onto a traditional lever action seems quite foreign, the market for suppressors is hotter than ever.  Is Henry hitting a ready market at its peak, or is a suppressed lever gun a ridiculous idea?
Frontier Model Threaded Barrel Suppressor Ready rifle
Prior to Henry’s introduction of this new model, not only did suppressing one of their rifles require a visit to a reputable gunsmith for barrel threading, but it also meant removing the silencer every time the rifle needed to be reloaded due to the magazine tube not clearing the can.  To solve those problems, the Frontier is built with two-fold changes: First, the muzzle is threaded with industry standard ½-28 inch threads that are .400 inches in length, more than adequate for any can on the market.  And secondly, the magazine tube has been shortened to allow ample clearance for reloading the tube without unscrewing the can each time you want to reload.
Octagonal barrel with thread protector over muzzle. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)
The “new” Frontier is initially available in two rimfire chamberings: .22 S/L/LR


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