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By Francis Borek

The CZ-75B Cold War Commemorative handgun — a truly heavy metal handgun. (Photo: Francis Borek)
Although there are some who take the shooting world far too seriously, there are many of us who see it as a duality. It can be both a hobby to have fun with and help us relax , whilst also being a practical, very serious application of life and liberty. The handgun I’m reviewing here is an illustration of this duality — a proven design, perfect for practical usage despite it’s commemorative nature.
My interest in both Cold War history and the manga Gunsmith Cats helped to influence my purchase of this Cold War Edition CZ-75B. Rally Vincent never carried a CZ-75B, preferring a first model CZ-75. Likewise, the ‘B’ model wouldn’t enter production until after the fall of the Soviet Union, which makes the designation a bit puzzling. It is however a full-size, all-steel CZ-75 — and that is good enough for me.
Cold War Commemorative?
To put it in the spirit of the Cold War, CZ cosmetically modified the basic design of the CZ-75B for this pistol. The most noticeable changes are the bright red stars on the slide and the Soviet hammer and sickle on the


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