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By Tyler Kee


Given the fact that the ATF has $200 of my hard-earned scratch and my foot is anxiously tapping as I refresh, it’s a safe bet to say I can be counted in the short barreled rifle (SBR) fanboy club. My dedication to it isn’t cultish like our boy Leghorn, but the same deity that brought him to the table, 300 BLK, has snagged me as well. Forming a trust, paying $200 to the .gov, and sitting on your hands for 30-180 days isn’t for the weak of constitution. Buying or building a SBR has got to be worth it. Right? And after a year or so of shooting 300 BLK chambered pistols and SBRs, I think the cartridge is worth the hassle. And the CMMG PDW Pistol is a great place to get started . . .

First, a couple of qualifiers: I don’t like AR- or AK-based pistols. They’re harder to shoot than a regular semi auto at full extension and they’re far too cramped and ergonomically frustrating to shoot like a rifle. I will concede that they are normally chambered in rounds that offer much more favorable terminal ballistics than 9mm/.40/.45 …read more

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