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By Chase Welch

Century Arms, exclusive distributor of Canik firearms in the U.S., released an enhanced version of the popular TP9SA – the TP9SA Mod.2 handgun – using customer feedback from military, police and civilian shooters.
There are a few obvious differences between the original and the Mod.2. The first is the slimmer flat-top slide. Canik touts that the flat top helps reduce glare when looking through the sights. While that’s never been a problem for me, the slim profile is nice. The Warren Tactical sights are another nice upgrade. The pistol variant includes a u-notch rear sight that makes picking up the single-dot front sight quick and easy.
The Mod.2 is billed as having an improved trigger as well, but to be honest I didn’t notice any difference in the way it performed. Every Canik pistol I’ve shot has had an outstanding trigger – some of the best of any of the striker fired pistols I’ve found in the market.
The TP9SA Mod 2.0 has modern aesthetics and a number of color options to fit any shooters personal taste. (Photo: Chase Welch/
Like all Caniks the TP9SA Mod 2.0 comes with a very complete package, especially when you consider the price. Dollar for dollar, this is


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