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By Chris Eger

A group of small gun shops and the ISRA argue the new Illinois dealer licensing scheme has little to do with safety (Photo: Richard Taylor/
A group of firearm retailers are suing Illinois officials over a duplicative new state gun dealer licensing program the shops call expensive and unneeded.
Eight small gun shops, allied with the Illinois State Rifle Association, filed the legal challenge in a Sangamon County court on Tuesday, naming the state attorney general and director of the Illinois State Police as defendants. The plaintiffs argue that the controversial gun dealer licensing law signed by Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker earlier this year will increase costs past the breaking point for many and supercharge the price paid by the gun-owning public to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.
“There is no need for this law,” said Richard Pearson, ISRA’s executive director. “The federal government already licenses gun dealers. All this does is create more red tape and increase the cost of doing business. We said we would challenge this law in court when it was signed, and today we are keeping that promise.”
The new plan requires FFLs in the state to fork over between $300 and $1,500 to the state


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