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By John Farnam

32 Battalion - The Terrible Ones

By John Farnam

Just do what you were trained to do, Son: Run your gun with measured precision. Shoot accurately, with deliberate purpose. Discipline will always defeat panic. : 32 Battalion – The Terrible Ones
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Modern and Trendy!

“There’s a critical difference between humility and gullibility. Who can’ t distinguish between the two live a short and anguished life of arrogant ignorance, and/or blind devotion.” ~ Ritu Ghatourey

Just reviewed an email from an online guns-and-ammo vender.

They are advertising an aftermarket, replacement slide for the G17, that is “electro-optical-sight-ready.”

But I notice that, in keeping with the gee-whiz, I-hope-this-impresses-my-friends ethos of young, hip, aspiring (but misguided) Operators, it is machined with all sorts of maladroit “gripping surfaces” and multiple, “ slotted openings.”

These ostensibly allow one to view the thus-exposed barrel (not sure why that is important).

I wonder whether purveyors, and purchasers, of such a thing ever think this through.

What will happen when they desperately attempt to fire their shiny, edgy wunderwaffe, as they dodge incoming bullets, while submerged in a cold, muddy ditch, at night, in the rain, upon recovering their glittering monstrosity from a bottomless …Read the Rest

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