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By Ammoland

Protest After Election

Opinion by Dave Dolbee

A major push for gun control, two weeks before a midterm election, would not help their gun control agenda—it seldom does anyway. However, in this case, it would incite gun owners—who vote Republican for the most part—and sent them to the election booth.

USA – -( A murderous rampage – there simply isn’t a better definition of what happened two weeks ago at Tree of Life Synagogue. The murderer and that is a key, and honest description—not the shooter as the media has tried to downplay him to—killed at least 11 worshipers and wounded six more, including four of the responding police officers intent on stopping the murderer.

Whenever one of these murders exploits the dangers posed by entering a gun-free zone, I become incensed. “Gun-free zone”… Doesn’t the term itself sound so falsely utopian? It conjures images of safe zones or areas of protection when reality proves to be precisely the opposite. It is much easier to conjure clever terms that promise protection than it is to deal with the fact that evil exists and feeds on weakness. Likewise, reality does not support the position of anti-gun politicians and media. While gun-free zones are merely red …Read the Rest

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