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By Alex Madajian

( How many people would be free and alive today were it not for the legacy of gun control?
Conversations about gun control tend to deal with abstract future forecasts. It’s good pro-gun advocates are concerned about personal freedom, burdensome regulations, or punitive punishments, but it’s important to remember that millions of real people and their descendants would be alive today were it not for gun control paving the way for tyrannical regimes.
We often forget the human cost behind those statistics. I will never forget because entire branches of my family were wiped out due to gun control.
Both sides of my family are Armenian – which is an ethnic group from the Caucasus mountains who have lived there for over three thousand years. However, for about the last 600 years, they have lived under the shadow of the Turks. In the time of the Ottoman Empire, they treated my ancestors as second-class citizens – forcing them to pay special taxes and endure cruel humiliations. This discrimination, fostered for hundreds of years, helped paved the way for the event known as the Armenian Genocide.
But because it was a genocide, it was more than random killings or acts of terror. This was state-orchestrated

Source: Gun Owners of America

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