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By Greg Camp

Barrels of Ammunition XM855


Gun Control Ignorance Strikes New York Again: A bill in the New York State Assembly seeks to make purchasing more than twenty (20) rounds of ammunition for “assault weapons” in a one hundred twenty day period a felony.

Fayetteville, AR – -( “There outta be a law” is the default state of mind of the control freak, and gun control freaks are no exception.

But at times, we do need some rules to govern behavior. One example of this is in how we go about proposing new laws. I’m tempted to suggest that anyone who wants to give some nifty idea the force of government power, that person should have to demonstrate knowledge about the subject to be regulated and to provide evidence that the proposal will do some good.

Two recent examples have made me sense a need for my rule. One is an article by the editorial board of Connecticut’s Greenwich Time, calling for a ban on “ghost and 3-D printable guns” in the state. This notion comes up over and over, and I’m not the only one to have pointed out that guns that are made in private shops without serial numbers are precisely …Read the Rest

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