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By John Farnam

Gun Bans Gun Control Blah Blah Blah

By John Farnam

Gun Control, America’s Grown Weary…
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any moment.” ~ Huey Newton

The progressively frustrated cry for forced disarmament of Americans:

In the wake of the recent attempted murder of Republican politicians by a leftist ideologue, one might have expected the ususal panicked petition by liberals for, once again, the forced confiscation of all privately-owned firearms in America (much like what happened in Australia a decade ago, in the UK shortly after the end of WWI, and in CA currently).

For leftists/liberals, forced confiscation of privately-owned firearms may take place all at once, or in small, lying steps, but their end-goal is always the same. In fact, when each “small step” fails to reduce violent crime (of course, such “small steps” are cynically designed to fail), liberals will ever whine, “We didn’t go far enough,” setting the stage for the next “small step.”

All so predictable!

In any event, lately, and particularly this time, their worn-out, “ Guns-are-ishey,” siren-song is falling upon deaf ears!

In fact, so unpopular is the bromidic notion of universal gun confiscation, few Democrats …Read the Rest

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