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By Robert Farago


We first saw gun control advocates attempt to use government contracts as leverage against gun makers in New Jersey. Institute gun control or our cops won’t buy your guns! That came to nought. In October on this year, New York Senator Chuck Schumer demanded that the Army make its handgun selection contingent on whether or not the aspiring supplier complied with various gun control proposals. That also fell by the wayside. And here it is again, via‘s Why Aren’t We Talking About This Practical Way to Curb Gun Violence? Because it puts our police in peril? Here’s the authors list of demands . . .

There are several common sense, feasible conditions that should be part of every government contract with a firearms manufacturer or seller. Here are some key ones:

1) Require that, at every stage of the distribution process, the manufacturer or distributor sell guns only to dealers with responsible business practices that minimize the risk that criminals will obtain the weapons. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence’s Code of Conduct is a model for responsible practices.

2) Require the manufacturer to commit to developing and installing life-saving features on firearms, such as …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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