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By Brandon Curtis

By Nick Leghorn via The Truth About Guns

There’s a reason that we have museums. At least for me, history is much easier to understand and much more interesting if I can see (and even better, touch) some of the objects of the time period. That’s what got me into historical reenacting — that and the freely-flowing vodka. Hey, it was college.

Anyway, one school in Atlanta decided to take some of their kids on a field trip (with full parental approval and supervision) to see some historical artifacts, and now gun control activists are in full freak-out mode.

From WSB-TV:

Images of a first-grader and a second-grader handling firearms showed up on Facebook after the trip, which involved student from Holdheide Academy in Woodstock.

Willis contacted the school’s owner, Tammy Dorsten, who on Friday night defended the trip.

“This was a wonderful learning experience with a safety class before and after the guns were handled,” Dorsten said.

Dorsten told Willis the children have been learning about sharpshooter Annie Oakley and folk hero Davy Crockett.

That seems like a perfectly reasonable concept for a field trip. Kids are learning about Annie Oakley. What better way to foster an appreciation for how …Read the Rest

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