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By Robert Farago

Republican Senate Judiciary Chairman Miguel Diaz de la Protilla (courtesy

Phillip Evans writes [via]

Republican Senate Judiciary Chairman Miguel Diaz de la Portilla is a happy guy. He single-handedly (with the approval of his boss, Republican Senate President Andy Gardiner) killed SB 300, letting it die in committee by refusing to allow it an up or down vote by committee members. Diaz de la Portilla celebrated the death of Florida open carry like this . . .

Open carry is not going to happen; it’s done…On all of these gun bills, I don’t believe any of them are necessary. They could result in unintended consequences. I think we need to prioritize in our committee, as far as what we hear. We can’t hear every bill that’s referred to us.

There you have it. He purposely held the bills back not because he thought they didn’t have the votes to pass, but because he personally did not like them (Campus Carry, and Airport Carry in non-secure areas being the other two).

First Amendment Protests

Some (myself included) view the open carry of firearms as a legitimate statement of support for the Second Amendment, as well as a statement to criminals that they may wish to look for easier pickings.

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