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By Erich Pratt

One of the most discriminatory laws on North Carolina’s books is the pistol purchase permit system, which was first implemented in 1919.
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
To summarize, before purchasing a handgun in the Tar Heel state, one must first obtain permission from the local sheriff in the form of a pistol purchase permit. Frustratingly, the many who don’t go through this process fail to realize this requirement is entirely redundant and prone to abuse, which is supported by both historical evidence and modern examples.
Many who oppose the repeal of this permit program no doubt fail to recognize that the background check performed by state sheriffs is completely duplicative, a pro-forma exercise. Even after someone acquires a pistol purchase permit, gun dealers can still perform a background check every single time a transaction is initiated.
Even more damning, the current permitting law was contrived during one of the most divisive periods in our state, not to mention, the entire South’s history — that being the Jim Crow era. Yes, the permitting system was originally devised to restrict those whom the government did not want to acquire handguns. We even have historical state newspaper clippings from the early 20th century that confirm the overwhelmingly disproportionate number

Source: Gun Owners of America

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