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By Aaron Colen

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan was endorsed by the National Rifle Association when he was first elected governor in 2014. Now, he says the organization can keep its endorsement, The Hill reported.

Hogan, speaking to students at Great Mill High School on Thursday, said he doesn’t expect the gun rights advocacy organization to offer its support.

“He told them he wasn’t expecting it and didn’t want it,” said Amelia Chasse, Hogan’s spokesperson. “He doesn’t think the NRA are big fans of his at the moment.”

A 16-year-old student was killed at Great Mills High School by a gunman earlier this year.

What’s Hogan’s record on guns?

During Hogan’s initial gubernatorial campaign and his early years in office, Hogan was considered a gun rights-friendly governor, although he did express some lukewarm support for different gun control issues at times. From the Baltimore Sun:

Gov. Larry Hogan has never been what you would call a champion of gun control. As a candidate, he opposed Maryland’s landmark 2013 gun control legislation, which included a ban on assault weapons. He won the endorsement of the NRA and an A- rating from the group based on his responses to a questionnaire he …Read the Rest

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