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By Tom Knighton

The immediate aftermath of a mass shooting often sees a spike in support for gun control. The more heinous the crime, the bigger the spike seems to be.

The massacre of 11 Jews trying to worship is the kind of awful thing that will make some people reevaluate their feelings on guns, particularly if they’re not closely held beliefs in the first place.

Anti-gun Democrats–you know, the people who will tell us we’re being evil for defending guns in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting–are capitalizing on this shift in many suburban districts.

Gun control advocates believe the aftermath of the deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue could help swing the midterm elections against endangered suburban Republicans who are seen as too pro-gun.

Andrew Patrick, who works as the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s media director, cited Comstock’s race against Democratic challenger state Sen. Jennifer Wexton as one of the races where the gun issue will play a role. Comstock’s district is near the National Rifle Association’s headquarters. In September, former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ group began airing an ad targeting Comstock.

In the ad, Giffords says Comstock “has failed” following mass shootings, and that “she’s taken thousands from the NRA. We …Read the Rest

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