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By Michael Csencsits

Judge Extends Protection for GOA Members Possessing Pistol Braced Firearms!
Great news! The federal district judge who is handling the Texas/GOA v. ATF case has recently extended the injunction against the ATF—thus protecting ALL current GOA members.
The original injunction from five months ago was scheduled to expire last month. So Judge Drew Tipton extended the injunction on October 27.
The extension means the agency is prevented from enforcing the pistol brace ban against current GOA members and their families for as long as it takes to decide the case on the merits.
Ammoland analyzed Judge Tipton’s ruling and concluded: “The judge kept the scope of the ruling just to GOA members. This decision means that all GOA members will be protected from ATF enforcement actions over braced pistols for the foreseeable future.”
Just recently, another Texas judge issued a nationwide injunction against the braces rulemaking—and that ruling protects every gun owner in America. But even if the ATF were to appeal that decision and get the ruling stayed—similar to what they’ve done in other cases which involve Biden’s executive gun controls—GOA members can rest assured that they are still covered by the judge’s injunction in the GOA case.
So please tell your friends and family

Source: Gun Owners of America

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