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By Ammoland

Carhartt : Old School Hunting

By Doug Gilmer
I am going old school hunting…

Going Old School Hunting
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AmmoLand Gun News


Carhartt :

I made the decision before the 2015 deer season started I was going back to hunting the way I remembered before getting into the outdoor industry, the way I hunted the cedar swamps of northern Michigan as a kid. We didn’t have camo back then unless it was military surplus and blaze orange was a necessity unless you were bowhunting. There were no treestands to speak of either. I bow hunted as I did with a gun, from the ground. No range finders, no electronic scent elimination products, or performance fabrics like we have today. Wool was king, we wore Sorel Boots, and hunted the wind.

We hunted for food and tradition, not for score. If lucky, you made a trip to the buck pole. If you weren’t fortunate enough to shoot a buck, you still went to the pole to congratulate those who were.

For hunting season 2015 I didn’t wear big company camouflage. I relied on my Carhartt Duck Bib Overalls and old school wool and fleece to keep …Read the Rest

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