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By Chris Eger

A collector of the unorthodox and borderline eccentric MB Associates GyroJet holds school on the platform that had its own cameo in a 1960s Bond film.
Sean with Really Great Gear, who happens to have several of the vintage rocket guns, touches on their peculiarities and appearance in the hands of “Tiger Tanaka” and assorted ninjas in 1967’s You Only Live Twice in the above video.
The Gyrojet pistols and rifles on Tanaka’s table from the film. These guns– and their rocket ammo– would be worth a small fortune today to the right collectors. (Photo: IMFDB)
ICYMI, the RGG channel also recently did some in-depth test firing of these (very quiet and surprisingly effective for their age) rocket guns in conjunction with Jeff and Danny of the channel Taofledermaus.

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