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By Zeke Y

You’re our only hope of stopping Joe Biden from turning millions of law-abiding felons into gun owners overnight.
As you may recall, the House Judiciary Committee approved a Joint Resolution of Disapproval last month – H. J. Res. 44 – that REPEALS Biden’s tyrannical pistol ban.
It’s currently poised to come to the floor for a vote in the House over the next week or so.
But there’s a big problem…
We’ve identified several allegedly “pro-gun” Representatives who are currently on the fence about whether or not they’ll support H.J. Res. 44 when it comes before the chamber.
With a razor-thin conservative majority in the House, losing even a few of these squishy Republicans would be enough to completely torpedo this critical bill.
That’s why GOA is spending tens of thousands of dollars running ads that generate phone calls to the offices of these cowardly fence-sitters so we can secure their votes.
Please make a contribution to our Ad Fund to ensure we can keep our ads running until the House votes to REPEAL Biden’s pistol ban.
You can see one of the ads we’re running below:

We’re using this ad (and others like it) to generate thousands of phone calls to spineless Republicans up until the moment the

Source: Gun Owners of America

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