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By Zeke Y

Mitch McConnell needs to hear from you immediately – before he SABOTAGES our chances of winning a pro-gun Senate majority.
McConnell’s super PAC (known as the Senate Leadership Fund) is spending more than $5 MILLION to protect anti-gun RINO Lisa Murkowski from her pro-gun Republican challenger in Alaska.
Worst of all, he secured the funds for Murkowski by *CANCELING* his ads supporting General Don Bolduc who’s polling ONLY 1 POINT behind anti-gun Democrat Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire.
In other words, McConnell would rather let Kamala Harris keep her 50-50 majority than see Lisa Murkowski replaced by a pro-gun Republican.
Please call McConnell’s office at 202-224-2541 to tell him to support pro-gun candidates like General Don Bolduc who can actually FLIP seats controlled by known anti-gunners.
And if you live in Kentucky, please add your name to our pre-written letter urging McConnell to stop turning his back on pro-gun Senate candidates who can FLIP seats in November.
No matter where you live, McConnell’s actions affect you, because he jeopardizes our ability to remove Kamala Harris’ majority. And that means we will have a harder time stopping Biden’s gun control and his anti-gun judicial nominations.
That’s why Gun Owners of America is filling the void left by McConnell.

Source: Gun Owners of America

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