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By Robert Farago


Yesterday, we republished a statement from Trop Shop gun shop. The Pennsylvania-based FFL claimed they’d been terminated from GLOCK’s Blue Label discount program for refusing to furnish access to their customers’ ATF Form 4473 “for the purposes of auditing by GLOCK employees.” GLOCK’s National Sales Manager Bob Radecki [above] responded to our request for clarification . . .

“We regularly and randomly audit gun dealers to make sure that people in the Blue Label program are qualified buyers. We check the dealer’s copy of their qualifying credentials against the form 4473 to make sure that their ID matches the name on the form . . . We do not record any information from the form.”

Radecki says that the audits are part of the agreement for participating in the Blue Label program.

When I asked Radecki if Trop Shop had been terminated from the program for non-compliance – giving discounts to customers who weren’t members of the military, law enforcement officers, etc. – he demurred.

“Trop Shop wasn’t following the program guidelines. That’s all I’m going to say about that.”

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