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By Tom Knighton

Sometimes, schools can be absolutely idiotic. I’ve heard some whoppers throughout my years when it comes to schools and their “zero tolerance” policies. Enough so that I think some think “tolerance” is a synonym for “thinking.” However, last week Cam wrote about a 12-year-old girl facing felony charges for making a finger gun. It turns out the girl had just turned 13, but still…it was ridiculous.

It’s even more ridiculous because as Cam noted last week, two kids who brought actual guns to school aren’t facing such charges.

However, we have a little bit more information about the girl.

Vanessa McCaron says she pleaded with an Overland Park Police school resource officer not to arrest her daughter for pointing a finger, formed to look like a gun, at four of her middle school classmates.

“He said, ‘I will press charges against anyone who I think has broken the law,’” said McCaron, who contacted The Star following Wednesday’s initial story about the incident. “He had such a great opportunity to use his badge to change something in a child, but he chose not to,” she added. “I think this is an insane abuse of power.

“She is a child. …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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