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Need high-quality reloading powder for your rifle or pistol? Now is a great time to order VihtaVuori powder from Midsouth Shooters Supply. If you purchase in-stock VihtaVuori powders, you will receive, at no charge, TWO VihtaVurori print reloading manuals. That’s right you get both VihtaVuori 2023 & 2024 Reloading Guides for FREE while supplies last. This deal is limited to one set of two VV manuals per order.
Receive both 2023 & 2024 Reloading Guides for FREE with purchase of any In-Stock VihtaVuori Powders! Offer is valid on qualifying purchases while supplies last! Start Date: 2/14/2024 End Date: 12/31/2024
Learn About VihtaVuori Powders with Informative Videos
This video shows how VihtaVuori powders are produced. The video covers the multiple production phases and the sophisticated testing procedures.

VihtaVuori marked its 100th Anniversary in 2022. Today, VihtaVuori Powders is stronger than ever and is respected by serious competitive shooters, accuracy enthusiasts, and hunters. In this video, Team VihtaVuori shooter Ian Klemm shows how he loads with VihtaVuori powder. One of the best F-TR shooters on the planet, Ian is a 4-time F-class National Champion.

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