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By Chris Eger

Seems like any well-maintained plumber’s van– but it only seems that way. (Photos: eBay)
If you are near Cary, North Carolina, and are a big fan of Ray Liotta movies, there is a nice earth tone van packed with 1990s electronics calling your name.
Listed on eBay Motors is a 1989 Dodge Ram 350 noted by the seller as being “Great, 1 owner, low miles, no issues.”
The former purported owner: the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
“This van was used by FBI Surveillance Crew and is equipped with a lot of extra stuff!” says the listing.
Among the aftermarket accessories are a whole wall of LCD screens, video and audio tape recorders, intercoms, “radars,” amps, 110v sockets and other swag gear for the windbreaker and polyester pants crew.
Somewhere is a half a jelly donut and a cup of coffee…
To make things livable in the paneled A/V center, there is a rear AC/heat unit complete with propane tank, house door locks so the crew can bolt themselves inside, and even the ability to turn the van’s engine off and on from the rear cabin. An onboard toilet is there for those special moments when eating gas station sushi while on a stakeout proves to be a


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