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By Dan Zimmerman


I was hesitant on the concept of a zero magnification red dot sight. I just didn’t see the value, right up until I laid down underneath an up-armored HMMWV, my head upside down, leaning over with my knees on the ground, my M4 placed flat against the ground, the stock not even touching my shoulder, then put the little red dot on a 19-inch target over 100 yards away. And nailed it, over and over again. Since that day I learned that the zero magnification red dot sight allows me to get on target faster, and in more positions, than any other sighting system out there. So when RF told me they had one of Trijicon’s new MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) units ready for review, I was quick to raise my hand . . .

My favorite gun to have around lately is an Underground Tactical 10.5″ .458 SOCOM upper on top of one of my other Underground Tactical lowers with a LAR Tactical folding stock. This allows me to fold up the stock and place the whole rifle, including the extended magazine, inside a standard backpack. That makes for a small, very light weight .458 launcher, meaning …read more

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