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By Eve Flanigan

A few of the Swab-its products, except Bore-sticks, ready to get dirty. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/
The folks at Swab-its have found ways to do great things with the simple concept of a sponge on a stick. The Massachusetts company has designed a growing line of tools that can make a thorough cleaning faster and easier—and maybe even healthier. I tried several of their products, including the newest, Bore-Sticks, and was pleasantly surprised.
Most of the company’s products are a caliber-specific foam swab on a plastic rod as a handle. In the case of Bore-Tips, the swab is on a threaded plastic stick that attaches to a cleaning rod. There are also Bore-whips, a swab attached to a flexible length of plastic so the user can pull the swab through a long barrel.  In this test, I checked out four types of swabs.
With a generous supply of different Swab-its, I set out to clean a Ruger 10/22, a heavily soiled AR-15, and a Glock. It should be noted that Swab-its don’t take the place of a bore brush or other heavy duty tools when it comes to cleaning barrel grooves or caked-on carbon buildup—those tools are still needed, along with solvents and lubricants,


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