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By Jeremy S


2015 is continuing to be quite the year of expansion for SIG SAUER, as the company jumps with both feet into multiple new product lines. Silencers, optics, ammunition, airguns, and more have been or are being added to the catalog. In all of these cases, SIG chose not to acquire new companies and their existing product lines, but to acquire human talent and build their new offerings organically. To run the silencer division, AAC founder Kevin Brittingham came on board. Ammo is being run by Dan Powers, previously with RUAG and Bud Fini, previously from Remington. Airguns? That would be Lou Riley, former CEO of GAMO. But today we’re checking out the WHISKEY5, 5-25×52 hunting riflescope, which is part of SIG’s new Electro-Optics line, run by. . .

a bloke named Andy York, who spent a decade as VP of Technology (and Sales and Marketing) at Leupold & Stevens, not to mention some time at Polaroid and a couple years as SVP of a publicly-traded, international corporation that makes some handy equipment. Sometimes you worry when a company steps out of its core competency (in SIG’s case, firearms), but I think the way that SIG …read more

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